About As

A.L. Karsometal Equipment Ltd. specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the production of electronic enclosures. We offer superior services, from manufacturing specific parts tailored to your working drawings and models, through assembly of the enclosures, to superior finish of all products and components tailored to the client's technical specifications, using CNC machining. We are highly expert in manufacturing pre-series prototypes and series production.

Established in 2000, A.L. Karsometal Equipment Ltd. was originally the electronic enclosure division of Carsometal Ltd. Driven by increasing market needs for electronic enclosure solutions, the company was split into two plants, one specializing in enclosures and the other in machining.

Since 2009, A.L. Karsometal Equipment Ltd. has been an independent company, headed by CEO and Founding Director Uri Ariel, who has led the firm since its inception.

Among our clients are industry leaders in Israeli hi-tech, communications, medicine, security and others.

A.L. Karsometal Equipment Ltd. uses state-of-the-art equipment, and all our activities are based on innovative technologies. Our sophisticated resources enable us to provide clients with the best professional solutions customized precisely to their exact specific needs. Our guiding values are quality, reliability and professionalism. We use only Grade A materials, such as superior quality aluminum, stainless steel, spring steel, copper, PVC and others. All materials meet the stringent standards of the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), the EU and the USA.

We are able to provide the utmost precision, thanks to our use of the latest computerized equipment, such as our CNC punching and bending machinery, argon welding, and more.. A.L. Karsometal Equipment Ltd has ISO 9001 (2008) certification and holds welders licenses, among its other authorizations.

We have designed and structured a successful work process with minimum production times, while maintaining uncompromisingly high product quality to meet our clients' needs for a superb, reliable product and a very short delivery time.

With A.L. Karsometal Equipment's competitive edge, we have a solid base of clients who keep returning to us for rapid, professional electronic enclosure solutions.